Rosshall Nursery School

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Enrolment Procedures


All Nursery places are allocated in line with Glasgow City Council’s Admission and Charging Policy for Early Years, and the nursery staff will be happy to advise you how this Policy operates when you apply for a place for your child.  A leaflet detailing the Council’s Policy is also available from all Establishments.  If you would like a copy, please ask for one.
If you wish to apply for a place for your child in Rosshall Nursery School, please come in to the nursery and complete an Application Form.  Alternatively contact the nursery by telephone or email and we will post out an Application Form to you.  Once the Form has been completed we ask you to return it to us and you will be placed on our Register of Applicants. 
You will then be informed in due course of the outcome of your application.  Children’s names can go on the Register of Applicants after their first birthday.  Please note that the length of time a child’s name has been on the Register will not affect the child’s priority for admission. 
The information contained in the applications will be considered by an Admissions Panel to assist in the allocation of places. The Admissions Panel, which is made up of local Heads of Early Years Establishments and representatives of other agencies, meets at regular intervals throughout the year to decide how Nursery places will be allocated.  Priority is given to children who are in most need of a nursery place.
If your application is successful and we are able to offer you a place for your child you will be invited to attend a welcome meeting, and an appropriate starting date will be negotiated.
Parents can ask to see their application form at any time.  If circumstances change which affect the application you should speak to the Head of Establishment.
Children and parents are invited to visit the Nursery  shortly before the child is due to start.  At this visit the necessary forms are filled in, the children  and parents look round, meet their key worker, and join the play.  A starting date is also arranged.  We have a flexible settling in programme,  where parents join their children in the playroom.  This gives you a chance to get to know us and how we work.  Gradually you move to the parents’ room and then go away for a short time, gradually increasing the time your child stays in nursery.   This continues until your child is settled and happy.  The time this takes is dependent on the needs of individual children and parents.