Rosshall Nursery School

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Vision, Values and Aims

Our Vision is:

At Rosshall Nursery School we aim to create a safe, nurturing, engaging environment, where all our learners are valued and encouraged to reach their potential.

 Our Values are:        
  • we are caring
  • we are welcoming
  • we try our best
  • we dont give up
 Our Aims are:
We aim to achieve this by:
  •  Providing a safe, stimulating environment, where all our children feel happy and nurtured
  • Offering a range of carefully planned learning experiences to encourage each child to reach their full potential
  • Offering a balance of learning experiences, between indoor and outdoor play, and structured activities and free play
  • Promoting lifelong learning for all
  • Promoting the health and welfare of all
  •  Endeavouring to be caring and approachable, working with parents and carers to promote an understanding of children’s learning